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BRAND Personality




We brand with a purpose


Brand Naming

The very first point of interaction consumers have with your brand, is its name. It is your first, and sometimes only, chance to catch their eye, keep their attention, and win over their hearts. It may be as important as the product or service itself. 

Here at LION, we have a thorough and intense naming process that gets to the heart of what you’re offering. We dive deeply into the thought behind the brand and ensure we settle on a name that best represents it. 


Brand Tagline

Every brand needs a good tagline; it’s like the Bonnie to your Clyde, the Sonny to your Cher, the Donald to his Twitter, you get the picture. 


Brand Story

Your brand has a unique story, something that sets you apart, gets to the crux of what you do and why you do it. Consumers connect with that.


We want to develop and share your unique brand story. We’ll peel back the layers to find out what makes you, you. We differentiate you from competitors, help you break through the clutter, and connect with those around you. Plus, who just doesn’t love a good story? 


Brand Personality

Who are you? Are you funny, yet firm? Strong, yet gentle? Happy, yet serious? Perhaps both friendly and warm?


Let us get to the core of who you are. Just like each person has their own unique personality, so does each brand. And we’re here to help you find yours. 


Brand Voice & Messaging

Once we define and develop your brand’s personality, we will guide you in finding its voice and how to share that voice in a way that will best connect with your audience. Consistency throughout your brand is key. This is the bow on the Christmas gift you’ve been waiting all year for.